Tests & Results

Sample Collections

The samples are collected at 10 am on weekdays. Therefore samples that are requested e.g. urine samples  etc.,need to reach the surgery before this time.

Fasting Blood Tests

Fasting blood tests involve the patient fasting from 10pm the night before till 8am or so the following day when the blood test is taken.

The patient can drink water and take most medicines.

Diabetics should hold off their specific sugar lowering medication e.g. gliclazide/insulin till the blood test has been taken as otherwise there is a risk of low blood sugars and they could feel unwell or collapse.


Xrays are organised by the GP electronically and will involve you ringing the following day to organise the appointment at the Nottingham City Hospital or Queens Medical Centre. To do this you will need the reference / 8754568 phone number from the doctor.

** Please note that smear results take 2 weeks. **


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