Childhood Obesity

I recently had a parent in as he was very unhappy that his child had been assessed at school and called obese according to the indicator. He felt that this was not the case and that was upset. The child was still in the process of growing and quite muscular and ate healthy foods. I would not have called the child obese.

Please do not think of these assessments that are done as insults but as efforts to get you to look at your child’s weight and ensure that we keep an eye on their weight to make them have a bright healthy future.

This has been stimulated by an “epidemic” of obesity and the subsequent health problems that come of that e.g. immobility, diabetes and recently for example the young lady who needed part of her house demolishing to get to hospital.

All the things that were considered treats seem to  have become an everyday meals for many including choclates, crisps with the sandwiches etc.

Everything is good in moderation.


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