Keeping Warm

Fuel Bills seem to be always going up !!


If you are having problems keeping warm, consider the following :

Use the thermostat to control the temperature and possibly reduce it a little if you don’t need it that warm when your heating is switched on, allowing you to save money for times when you need it more. Ideally aim for 21 degrees celsius.

Heat only the rooms that you are using e.g. the living room or bedroom.

You could switch on the heating a couple of hours before you need the bedroom.

Reduce / turn off the radiators in rooms not being used for some time.

Do not keep the hot water cylinder heated all the time unless it is well lagged.

Use hot water bottles or checked electric blankets ( not both together in case there is a spillage that could lead to electrocution. )

If you have an electric blanket, you can get it tested by The Fire Brigade, Trading Standards or  Age Concern to make sure it’s safe to use.

Use multiple layers of clothing rather than a thick one to keep warm.

Close the curtains at night.

Check that your house is insulated andif not or not adequately insulated whether you are eligible for a grant from the electric/gas company or council.

Also talk to the gas/electric company if you are having problems paying to see if there is anything they can do to help.

How to get further help:

NHS Nottingham City helps to support the Greater Nottingham Healthy Housing Service.

They can refer you to all the above sources of help and give you more top tips to keep warm and well this winter.

Tel:               0844 4991920         0844 4991920









Find out more about about the Government’s ‘Keep Warm Keep Well’:



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