How many units are there in what you are drinking ?

1 U = 10mls pure alcohol

1 litre 40% vodka =40 U

2 pints beer 5%  = 5 U +10%=5.5 U

1 bottle wine =9 U (3/4 litre at 12%)

Limits for women are    14 U/week

Limits for men are upto 21 U/week

More than 10 U in a day is binge drinking

It is easy to drink more than you should without realising !

What are the dangers ?

  • Damage or risk to your health by fights, risk taking behavious, unnecessary injuries through falls or accidents, arguments with yourfamily and friends, neglect of your children, finding it hard to keep down a job,potential poverty.
  • Heartburn, Ulcers, Perforated Ulcers that allow acid to go into your abdomen(life-threatening)
  • Damage to the pancreas (pancreatitis -again potentially life threatening), diabetes
  • Liver inflammation to cirrhosis (scarring) and subsequent liver failure. The liver filters the blood from the gut and treats poisons and waste products such that they can be excreted.It is also responsible for the blood clotting fuction and breakdownof excess hormones.

Haemorrhoids may also form in response to the scarring.

There are also other complications.


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Blood alcohol levels

Symptoms of effects of drinking alcohol at different levels of blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

BAC Symptoms
<50 mg/dL Some impairment in motor coordination and thinking ability



50-150 mg/dL Altered mood (increased wellbeing or unhappiness)

Friendliness, shyness or argumentativeness

Impaired concentration and judgement

Reduced sexual disinhibition

150-250 mg/dL Slurred speech

Unsteady walking


Double vision

Increased heart rate


Mood, personality and behaviour changes that may be sudden, angry and antisocial

300 mg/dL Unresponsive/extremely drowsy

Speech incoherent/confused

Memory loss


Heavy breathing

>400 mg/dL Breathing slowed, shallow or stopped



Adapted from: Table 163.1 in Brust, J. C. M. (2005). Alcoholism. In L. P. Rowland (Ed.), Merritt’s neurology (11th ed.). Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.and Table 1 in Vonghia, L., Leggio, L., Ferrulli, A., Bertini, M., Gasbarrini, G., Addolorato, G., et al. (2008). Acute alcohol intoxication. European Journal of Internal Medicine, 19(8), 561-567.

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