Smoking costs !!

It costs you money here and now. The table below indicates how much it

costs you to smoke based on £9.16 for a packet of 20.


That’s without the health costs.

Your lung function declines relatively slowly if you do not smoke, and much faster if you do. It declines to a point that it causes disability and death potentially in a persons 70s. Now that we all live longer this has a significant impact and we are seeing more people trapped in their own bodies.

This does not allow for strokes, heart attacks, and cancers etc.


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Fact Sheets from Ash

Life is about quality. Even if you don’t get cancer what state will your health be in later.


How to seek help


New Leaf is no longer financed by the local CCG who have subcontracted it to the GPAlliance.

Patients wishing to take that first step on their journey to quitting smoking simply need to contact their own GP practice

and ask for an appointment at Stub It! You can find our more about the service here.


or look at

or look at

Stopping Smoking – Available Treatments

There are two parts to giving up, one is the possible withdrawls and the second fighting the habit e.g. finger habit, stress, when socialising etc.

Nicotine patches can help fight the cravings.


Champix is an alternative, but is not suitable for everybody especially if there is a history of depression.

It blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain which respond to the nicotine smoked whilst giving a little “buzz”


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