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Confidentiality This site is not protected by ssl, which would normally appear as a https address. Please do not enter identifiable information into our website for the purpose of questionnaires or otherwise. Please enter any identication in the form of something that would not be recognisable to be yourself by somebody else ( e.g. initials and year of birth) should the site be insecure/hacked or the transmission of data to the site be insecure.We cannot take any responsibility for any information transmitted to or stored on the site.

Tracking We may monitor the varioustracking data of those visiting the site to monitor the activity, interests you have, any spamming or other such activity and also to try and improve our site experienc.

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We also track these in our questionnaires.


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The website has newly been split into a registered patient only section, public section and staff section. The registered patient sections provides more details and links for the practice patients. If you are a registerd patient and wish to have further access please contact the practice for a username and password.

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The information provided is provided in good faith to try and give yourselves a better understanding of your health condition and a way of accessing health resources. While we have tried to compile accurate information on this site –  we cannot guarantee that it is 100% complete or correct.

The information provided on this site does not constitute professional advice and is subject to change. Due to the complexity of the human condition and the different medicines not all information can apply to everybody.

Links from this website are only provided for your information and convenience.

We cannot accept responsibility for the link sites available through this website or the information found on them. A link does not imply we endorse a particular site. Neither does not linking a site imply lack of endorsement. We are not responsible for the information in the external sites. We have tried to provide helpful and approved sites. In some cases there may be some information which is out of date or that may be done differently in different areas of the world.

We cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to this website, or the sites it links to. We cannot accept responsibility for any damages, which arise from the loss of use of this information. Information may be removed from publically available to restricted documents or removed from the website alltogether.


Where embedded links to videos are provided these have been taken from youtube and our understanding is that according to their TOS means they have given permission for the embedded links to occur. We have not embedded any videos where we have reason to believe that they were uploaded by anyone other than the copyright holder.


Many thanks to Last Orders and the Meningitis Research Organisation for allowing us to use their material. There are various charitable organisations that provide valuable health services. Please support them.

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