Young Carers

A significant number of carers are children or young people.

• A young carer is a child or young person whose life is affected by caring for someone with a physical or learning disability, or who has mental health problems, over and above “just helping out”.

• Young carers have caring responsibilities that would normally be expected only of an adult.

• The person they care for will usually be a parent, a brother or sister, or a grandparent.

• A young carer may be caring for parents who misuse drugs and alcohol.

• Many young carers, but certainly not all, are living within one-parent families and can be either a primary or secondary carer, providing a range of care from basic, necessary domestic duties to very intimate care.

• Most young carers say that they are happy to continue their caring roles, but they do need recognition and support for what they are doing.

If you are a young carer please contact your GP if support has not been arranged.

Social Services 0115-9155555

Websites providing advice and support for young carers

for 12-18 year old with relatives with cancer

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