Pain killers

The following applies to most healthy adults. Please read the drug leaflets for more information and ask if any doubts.

Paracetamol is normally the safest.

No more than 4g   should be taken in a day as this could lead to an overdose and death.

Normally the talets are no more than 500mg (1/2g) meaning that 8 tablets can be taken in a day (2 tablets four times a day).


Antiinflammatories (if no asthma, heartburn,no significant alcohol intake, not pregnant, no significant kidney damage). Ideally do not take on an empty stomach and stop if heartburn.



Ibuprofen 200mg 1-2 three times a day


Naproxen 250mg 1-2 twice daily

(in the over 60s PPIs e.g. lansoprazole are given to protect the stomach from ulcers that may be brought on/worsened by the tablets.)


Opiate Group

These are heroin type drugs starting with milder drugs such as codeine and tramadol, dihydrocodeine. They can be constipating, nauseating and addictive.

codeine in the form of cocodomol 8/500 (8mg codeine and 500mg paracetamol is available over the counter – if the pain is mild 2 paracetamol may be taken, if terrible 2 cocodomol taken and if inbetween one of each taken, but no more than 8 tablets containing paracetamol (4g total) per day.


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