Spiriva To Tioptropium Switch

We are currently undertaking a review with the objective of providing our patients with the most appropriate and cost-effective medicines currently available.

Tiotropium 18micrograms inhalation capsules (Spiriva®)/ Tiotropium 18micrograms inhalation powder with device (Spiriva®Handihaler®)/ Tiotropium 10micrograms inhalation powder with device (delete as appropriate)


Will change to

Braltus® 10micrograms inhalation powder with device.




You will receive a new Zonda® Inhaler device with each box of Braltus® (tiotropium) 10micrograms inhalation capsule supply.  Please do not use your old Spiriva® (tiotropium) capsules in your new device.


Please use up any remaining Spiriva® (tiotropium) capsules you have with your Spiriva® Handihaler device prior to starting your new prescription for Braltus®.


Please be aware that although the strengths of your capsules appear different, the new device delivers exactly the same dose and ingredient as your previous inhaler. The capsules are also loaded into the Braltus® device in a very similar way to the Handihaler®.  We therefore do not expect you to experience any problems with this change.


Step by step instructions on how to use your new Zonda® inhaler are provided at the end of this letter, but please spend a few moments to read the information leaflet enclosed when receiving your new device.  If you have access to the internet then a demonstration video is available on the following link https://www.tevauk.com/p/tiotropium-bromide-668?productId=14845


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