Opiate Awareness !

Opiates are addictive and can have limited long term benefits on pain, and lots of adverse affects.

As I hope you know, what I am aim for is your long term health and happiness.

Opiates can cause dependence and long term problems in peoples lives.

The link for the recovery college is below. Please consider watching the BBC program linked to below and also looking at the other resources.


Heroin is an opiate.

There are other opiates – codeine, dihyddrocodeine, tramadol, morphine sulphate….



“Thinking About Opioid Treatment for Pain | The Royal College of Anaesthetists ”

Why don’t my painkillers work? is a commonly asked question, and often one without any easy answers. Long-term pain arises through many different mechanisms, and most drugs only work for one of these. Some pains do not seem to respond to any painkilling medicines.

You can get used to painkillers, including opioids, so that you need more and more to have the same effect.: This is called building up tolerance. However, we know that high doses of opioid medicines taken for long periods are unlikely to give better pain relief and are associated with a number of problematic adverse effects.

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