Nature In Mind ( Helping Mental Illness including Loneliness)

Nature in Mind supports people with mental health problems, and promotes well-being and recovery, through engagement with nature-related activities in Nottingham city.

Nature in Mind provides varied opportunities and activities related to nature in small, supportive groups. Activities include walking in nature, gardening, con­servation, wildlife identification, arts and crafts on natural themes and visits to gardens, farms and nature reserves.

The service works closely with other nature-related community groups and supports participants to move on to further volunteering, training and employment.

Evidence shows that spending time in natural and green spaces can:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • reduce levels of depression
  • improve physical health
  • improve mood and self esteem
  • help to reduce the need for medication
  • help to overcome isolation and social exclusion

You can self refer by contacting Nature in Mind at and 0115 970 9591

You can fill in the referral form.

Nature In Mind Referral Form

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