Patient Participation and Feedback

We take patient feedback in the surgery, as well as the friends and family cards.

There are texts that advise you about your appointment and also feedback opportunity afterwards.

It asks the question about how likely you are to recommend the practice.

It does not ask how many stars you would rate it.

Send 1 for extremely likely, 2 for likely, 3 for neither likely nor unlikely, 4 for unlikely, 5 for extremely unlikely or 6 for don’t know.


Dec 2016

The latest monthly mjog (text) friends and family figures are above.

Both of the ratings which rated us as one star were I think mistaken with how they replied as the comments were :

“Always make time for children, never had a problem getting an appointment, reception staff and doctors are polite and caring”

and the other not negative.


One patient commented that they were very pleased apart from the practice not doing electronic prescribing.

Electronic Prescribing which is a service which allows prescriptions to be sent directly to your nominated chemist. I am happy to tell you that we should be looking to start that in March 2017. We had been looking to do this last year in February but unfortunately this had got delayed.

I include the entire feedback file.

Friends and Family Feedback Dec 2016

We appreciate feedback and always strive to improve our services.


We also have a patient participation group.

Jan 2017

I have reviewed the responses.

Two of the one star were because of the text going to the wrong number.

This does emphasize the importance of keeping numbers up to date and I would request that you all do this.

This is particularly important for emergencies and helps us look after you.


One says that they scored it by accident and meant 5 stars.

I note that some feedback was positive but did not rate us.


We have always tried to provide a responsive service and people are also seen as emergencies.

The nurses predominantly have appointments  available the same day and are nurse prescribers.

Some appointments are held back for emergencies.

Sometimes waits can result from emergencies, including calling 999 for patients unwell, or due to bereavements, mental health problems or complex medical needs. Sometimes people do come in with multiple problems and forget that we have only 10 minute slots to deal with these. We try to deal with everybody in a holistic way and to do as much as we can.


FriendsFamily Jan2017

Feb 2017


There were no comments by the reds. We thank you for your comments.


1st April 2017

It has become apparent that some technical issues that we thought had been resolved have resulted in no MJOG feedback this month. We will work with mjog to resume this service. We always value your feedback so that we can improve our service.




The above are the figures that have have been obtained since hopefully MJOG has restarted working.



Unfortunately technical issues meant that mjog did not restart.

The mjog team have been contacted and this will restart the sms and Friends and Family feedback via this route.

Technical issues post the NHS cyber attack are almost fully resolved as the computers have mainly been validated.

Hopefully our self-check in will be validated soon as pressures ease.

We will be introducing a phone system upgrade shortly that will improve your experience of telephone booking.


Many Thanks for the friendly comments.
We have achieved 46% electronic prescribing since March when the system was introduced.

We hope you are finding it helpful.

We will be getting the phone system upgraded soon which should help with phone access.




Thanks for your +ve feedback.

August Feedback

Unfortunately despite MJOG reporting as below, it did not send out questions from our system for which we apologise.



we will try and talk to MJOG to see how we can reliably get it to work, as we do value your feedback.



12 November

We only got 4 paper returns for Friends and Family since the previous feedback above.

F&F 100% extremely likely to recommend (July, August, September, October 2017). There were some nice compliments about lovely reception

staff etc.


We are still trying to get MJOG working but unfortunately lost administration rights to the computer that was used, so MJOG have been unable to fix this problem. We are hoping NHIS will restore our administration rights after their system changes.

In the meantime it would be appreciated if you could fill in the paper forms.



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