Please note that we have included the following to provide information and support for preparation for an emergency. This information is for guidance only and may not be upto date. We take no responsibility for any inaccuracies. This is done on the basis that we feel that something done or known is better than no knowledge.

Some action is better than inaction !

If you dial 999 take instructions from the ambulance call-taker. They will be able to coach you in real time which is preferable.


The British Red Cross and St John’s Ambulance Service are a great organisations.

Please support them so that they can help others.



Are They Breathing???

Unresponsive But Breathing


See below to see how to put people into the recovery position.


If they are not breathing they need CPR –


St Johns Ambulance Resuscitation In An Adult

The link below is good and gives step by step information as well as organised access to other videos.


CPR For Children

CPR For Babies

The link takes you to their site where you may watch the youtube video of how to perform it.


For professionals,

click on this to link to the resuscitation councils site and latest guidelines

Try the above which is a cpr training tool in the form of a game.

The British Red Cross has videos on Youtube.
British Red Cross Videos

Epileptic Fits

For Signed Videos for resusicitation / first aid.

For Everyday First Aid please click on this line.

 Videos by St. Joh’s Ambulanc UK

Videos by St. Johns Ambulance Australia including first aid.

Everyday first aid

The following are links to first aid advice audio files provided by one the South East Coast Ambulance Services:


These files have been prepared by South East Coast Ambulance Service and comply with European Resuscitation Council Guidelines (on there website today March 2012). Please see there website on the above link for the exact terms and conditions.

That page includes advice to demonstrate some of their available advice :


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