Advice For Carer

Please note that the following is information provided to help you in your role of caring.

However, we care for you to. Please do come to us if you need help with your own health and please do not neglect your own health.

  1. You are a carer if you look after a friend, relative or disabled child who needs support to live at home. Your local council Social Services Department may be able to help make things easier for you. Click on the image below.

  1. They can provide services to the person you care for. They can also provide services to you.
  1. To work out what services would be helpful in your situation, social services need to discuss
    • The help the person you care for needs
    • The help you are giving at the moment
    • The services your council may provide

This is done in an “assessment”

  1. You as a carer may be involved in several ways :
  • If you care for a disabled child your needs will be considered as part of an assessment of the needs of your child and family
  • If you care for an adult you can have a carers assessment to discuss the help that you need. This can happen even if the person you care for refuses help. You should be able to contribute to the discussion of the needs of the person you care for (their Community Care assessment).
  1. What your assessment is for

Your assessment is your opportunity to tell social services about the things that could make life easier for you.

  1. However all carers are individuals and your local council may provide any service to you that they feel will help you care or help you maintain your wellbeing. So you may have some ideas of your own about services that would help you that you want to talk through with social services. Other services you discuss with them are those that may help the person you look after.
  1. Other things you may want social services to tell you about :
    • Local/ national support organisations
    • Other help you could get
    • Any charges for services
    • What to do if you wish to complain

Carers Direct – information and advice for carers – NHS Choices

Carers support and information online and on freephone 0808 802 0202. … Calls are free from UK landlines and mobiles or you can request a free call back.

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