Diet – Cholesterol Tablets

More and more you will see us giving you cholesterol tablets.

This group of medicines is otherwise called statins.

They reduce the amount of cholesterol in your blood and reduce your personal risk of having heart attacks and strokes and cardiovascular issues by up to 25%, whatever your cholesterol.

They have become cheaper.

What this means is that we are now looking to given them for more than a 15% chance of having problems in the next 10 years. The factors that determine your risk are based on many factors and these are taken into account with calculators e.g. Qrisk2


Cholesterol tablets are good tablets. They can cause aches and pains and sometimes serious muscle damage. This is why we tell you to stop them if you get significant aches and pains so that we can do a blood test and assess any damage.

I have never seen anyone with serious muscle damage. This is possibly because we are more aware of things which interact with the body to push up the amount in the blood. You cannot have grapefruit/juice or have to stop them for a short time when on antibiotics and for a short period after.

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