Fertility Referrals

Male Tests

These are carried out for us by Nottingham University Hospitals Trust

NUH Andrology Services Page

The above link takes you to the NUH site.

Various leaflets are included which tell you about the testing as well as how to get the sperm test done.

The link below will advise you how to get the test done once you are referred by the practice.


Female Tests

The female tests involve blood tests regarding the hormone status.

Day 1 is the 1st  day of a period.

FSH,LH, oestradiol may be done during days 1..3.

The progesterone test (which gives an indication of ovulation) is carried out 7 days before the next period is due.

Thyroid tests may be need to be done if your periods are irregular.

Rubella tests are done to check regarding your immunisation status.

Chlamydia tests are also routinely done as these may have impact on your fertility.

For a referral to occur, apart from the above there are also various other forms regarding the welfare of the child that need to be filled in.

Welfare Child Form

Welfare Child Form

Welfare Child Form

Access to treatments at NUH

The link below contains information regarding the local fertility services:

Services provided by the local NUH hospital

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