DVLA and Tablet Controlled Diabetes

Historically we/all drs did not recommend the use of blood sugar (bm) monitoring by use of the blood sugar machines as the treatment was by enlarge adjusted by the results of the average sugars by means of the hba1c formal blood test apart from in certain situations. In contrast people on insulin needed to monitor bms more often.

In patients who take oral medication that is managed by tablets (sulphonylureas and glinides not metformin) that carry a risk of inducing hypoglycaemia:

If they have a Group 2 entitlement licence, i.e. vocational, lorries, buses, the requirement is that people regularly monitor blood glucose at least twice daily and at times relevant to driving.

For patients who have a Group 1 licence (car, motorcycle) – the DVLA have stated in correspondence that there is a requirement for appropriate blood glucose monitoring. For example, if the driver is advised by their doctor to monitor blood glucose, this would be a requirement. The DVLA state in the ‘At a glance guide’, that it may be appropriate to monitor blood glucose regularly and at times relevant to driving to enable the detection of hypoglycaemia (low blood sugars).

So, the requirement to do twice daily testing is only for patients who have a group 2 licence. It may be appropriate for patients who have a Group 1 licence to test, and the frequency will depend on the clinical context.

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