Diabetic Risk Monitoring

Measurements that affect your future risk of health problems
Diabetes Control:  Your HbA1c is an overall measure of glucose control over the past 8-10 weeks.  A level of 48-53 mmol/mol is associated with the lowest risk of complications.
Blood Pressure (BP):  A target blood pressure of below 130/80 lowers the risk of complications (a target of below 125/75 is used if you have kidney disease).
Cholesterol and Blood Fats:  Lowering your total cholesterol can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.  Treatment to lower cholesterol is recommended in diabetes for all people over 40 years.  For other people, treatment depends on your overall risk.  The target cholesterol is less than         4 mmol/l.
Weight (kg):  Being overweight increases the risk of many medical conditions including heart disease, arthritis and premature death.  It can also make your diabetes and blood pressure more difficult to control.
Smoking:  Smoking causes problems with your health in many ways but is particularly damaging in people with diabetes.
Mood:  How you feel could make a big difference to your diabetes.  What are your thoughts about these questions:

  • During the last month, have you been bothered by feeling down, depressed or hopeless?
    • During the last month have you had little interest or pleasure in doing things?
Your annual screening checks
Kidney Tests:  Your kidneys are tested by looking at two tests. 1. An early morning urine test (Albumin/Creatinine Ratio).  ACR results are better if under 3.0.
2. A blood test (eGFR) Ideally the higher the eGFR the better.  Normally eGFR should be over 90. 
Eyes:  Your eye check looks for any changes to tiny blood vessels at the back of your eye.  This may be done at a different time to the other checks.  Your last screening was done on:
Feet:  Your feet check detects if you have problems with circulation or the feeling (sensation) in your feet.  Your last screening was done on:
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