A slideshow to help you identify common childhood illnesses


Links on Information On Birth Till The Age Of 5

Please click the link below and it leads to much good and useful  nhs information. I have kept some links and information to thehealth and development part only to show you what a good site it is.

For Good Information on Children From Birth To The Age Of 5

Childhood illness
Childhood illness, including symptoms and treatments.
More about childhood illness

Healthy diet: weaning and beyond
Guide to weaning your baby.
More about healthy diet

Sleep advice
How to encourage good sleeping habits and deal with sleep problems.
More about sleep

Teeth and teething
What to do when your baby is teething and how to care for their teeth when they come through.
More about teeth and teething

Potty training and bedwetting
How and when to potty train your child, and how to deal with bedwetting.
More about potty training and bedwetting

Accidents, first aid and safety
How to keep your baby as safe as possible and what to do if they have an accident.
More about accidents, first aid and safety

Difficult behaviour
Understanding and dealing with difficult behaviour in toddlers and pre-schoolers.
More about difficult behaviour

Learning and playing
The importance of play and some creative ideas for under-fives.
More about learning and playing

Reviews, tests and vaccinations
When your child needs their reviews, tests and vaccinations and what to expect.
More about reviews, tests and vaccinations

 Child And Mental Mental Health Support

Other sources family support :

Safeguarding Children- if worried about the welfare of a child please contact social services. See the link below.

Click this link if worried (Please search for safeguarding if link partially broken)


Other sites


0800 1111 (24 hours for young people)

NSPCC 0808 800 5000 (24 hours)

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