Need A Prescription ?

Repeat Prescriptions

Some patients requiring long-term medication may be given a repeat prescription without having to see the doctor. Please note we are starting to offer internet requests for repeat prescriptions. if you are interested in this please mention it to reception and they will setup security for you. This will save you having to come in to surgery to put in your request in by accessing the site. See the online ordering-booking section. Please do not use this to order medicines other than on your repeat or use the messages section as this is not implemented.

Alternatively You will need to use the right hand side of the repeat prescription and tick the medications needed. Please post or hand in your card in.

Your prescription will be ready for collection within 2 working days. If you would like your prescription posted to you, please supply a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Medication changes

If the hospital changes your medication, please inform your doctor.

Medication reviews

To this end, medication reviews are extremely important to ensure that your medicines are being taken properly, tolerated, working and not doing you harm and may involve doing blood tests or other assessments. Medication reviews are important in ensuring that you health is maintained / improved. It is your responsibility to come for reviews. The date is on the bottom of the repeat script. We are likely to use sms mesaging to remind you to come in for different things in the future.

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