Better safe than sorry !

Though contraception is good at preventing pregnancy please do not forget about barrier contraception e.g. condoms if not in a stable relationship as there are sexually transmitted things out there.

Click on this link for a site about sex to support young people !

Sex and Relationships by Netdoctor link

Chlamydia Screening

We offer screening to 16-25 year olds.
Please ask the receptionist.The test is free, painless and confidential.
You don’t even need to be examined.

Conditions for the tests:

Female: Self-swab (not bleeding)
Male: (Not passed urine for 1.5Hrs / no antibiotics for 3 Wks)

This is important as it is common, often symptomless and may be assosciated with infertility in women. It is also easy to treat.

For further information this is link to the national screening website

Advice for under 25s

Medicines that may cause harm if pregnant include:

MHRA 2017 Sodium valproate

Patient sodium valproate leaflet Valproate RMM421


How effective is contraception at preventing pregnancy?

NHS Choices link

American CDC article with link to types of contraception and effectiveness

NIH review article table

American review article


FPA Guides to Contraception

If you find that you have become pregnant, or have forgot or had failed contraception you potentially need emergency contraception :

Your Guide to Emergency Contraception (PDF)

If you are our patient please do tell the receptionis if you need emergency contraception so we can fit you in as a priority as the medical treatment works better the sooner it is taken ( upto 72hrs). Otherwise alternative medication may be necessary.

Your Guide to Contraception (PDF)

Your Contraceptive Choices (PDF)

Your Guide to Contraceptive Choices – After a Baby (PDF)

Your Guide to LARC (PDF)

Your Guide to the Contraceptive Implant (PDF)

Your Guide to Contraceptive Injections (PDF)

Your Guide to the IUD (PDF)

Your Guide to the IUS (PDF)

Your Guide to the Combined Pill (PDF)

Your Guide to the Progestogen-only Pill (PDF)

Your Guide to the Contraceptive Patch (PDF)

Your Guide to the Contraceptive Vaginal Ring (PDF)

Your Guide to Male and Female Condoms (PDF)

Your Guide to Diaphragms and Caps (PDF)

Your Guide to Male and Female Sterilisation (PDF)

Your Guide to Natural Family Planning (PDF)


Chlamydia (PDF)

Genital Herpes (PDF)

Genital Warts (PDF)

Gonorrhoea (PDF)


Non-specific urethritis (PDF)

Pubic Lice and Scabies (PDF)

Syphilis (PDF)

Trichomonas Vaginalis (PDF)

Thrush and Bacterial Vaginosis (PDF)

Oral Sex: Looking After Your Sexual Health (PDF)

Become pregnant

Planning a pregnancy (PDF)

Pregnant and don’t know what to do? (PDF)

Abortion: your questions answered (PDF)

Other articles

Your Guide to Understanding Reproduction (PDF)

Your sexual health: where to go for help and advice (PDF)

Let’s grow with Nisha and Joe (PDF)

4You: growing up (PDF)

Periods: what you need to know (PDF)

4Boys: a below-the-belt-guide (PDF)

4Girls: a below-the-bra guide (PDF)

Love sex relationships (PDF)

Is everybody doing it? (PDF)

Love S.T.I.ngs (PDF)

Pregnancy: a young person’s guide (PDF)

Abortion: just so you know (PDF)

Is this love? (PDF)

Love sex life (PDF)

Jiwsi SRE Activities Welsh (PDF)

Jiwsi SRE Activities English (PDF)

People Over 50 – Relationships and Sexual Health (PDF)


Brook Advisory Service

Link to this great site which as lots of family planning related articles

Termination requests

We refer patients to Victoria Health Centre, but you may self-refer.

Information they are interested in :

DATE OF BIRTH:                       AGE:                Ethnic Origin:









Please see other links under female health for sexual health services including coil insertion, self-referral emergency contraception or  termination.

Please note chemists can also provide emergency contraception though you may have to pay.


NHS Walk-In Centre, London Road may be useful in obtaining emergency contraception. The morning after pill works for upto 72hrs after the event and is more effective if taken as soon as possible. The coil may be used upto 5 days after the event.

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