Though this page is about weight loss for those of us that are overweight, please see the subpage which contains links to sites takle eating disorders.

There has unfortunately never been any miracle cure for this !

We all tend to put on weight and have sadly seen things change with time and that means that it takes time for it to come off.

We are all impatient but it takes a consistent lifestyle change to bring around the weight loss and also to stop it coming back.

We should all still eat healthily as described elsewhere on this site.

Try to eat healthy things and avoid things which are fatty or high in calories such as crisps, biscuits, cakes, sweets occasionally as a treat. It is sad how far you have to walk to burn the calories off.

Try and have regular meals so that you don’t end up being hungry especially when you are going to go shopping. If you have no self-control consider not buying the product e.g. choclate or biscuits.

Try to buy and cook smaller portions or alternatively try and freeze and keep more for eating later.

Eat more healthy options with more fruit and veg.

Try and drink water when eating.

Try to use a smaller plate or put less on the plate so you don’t eat it just because it is there.

We all have busy lives and tend to eat quickly or grab a meal when watching t.v. When you talk you tend to eat more slowly so that your body can recognise that it is becoming full.

Only eat when you are hungry.

Be aware of “hidden” calories e.g. in alcohol etc.

Consider a food diary to try and identify where the calories are coming and target the things which may be having most impact first. Calorie values can be found on the internet or in various books, but dop also consider the types of food whether it is fatty or not.

If you are busy consider using a microwave to cook especially if you are busy (I have 2). It is energy efficient, quick and easy for vegetables. Potatoes cook in 7-10 nminutes in a pyrex dish with a little water. Frozen peas etc. in about 3. Fish steams well in a microwave. You also can’t burn things in a microwave ! ( Well you should probably never say never.)

Some groups are good at promoting healthy foods but don’t mention portion sizes. Remember these can be important.

Having a large weight can have enormous health costs, and sometimes these reasons other therapies may be indicated, but the ideal way would be the natural one involving the right balance of food and exercise. The medicine available (orlistat) sticks to fat and gives you diarrheoa when you eat too much fat. This may be beneficial if it leads to a lifestyle change. Surgery just really stops you either eating so much or stops you absorbing it.

( Please be wary of the intensity or type of exercise you do according to your health. Also depending on your weight be wary of high impact activities e.g. running if they are going to damage your joints. Ideally we should do 30 minutes of exercise per day.)

Good Luck !

BHF Good Site Re Healthy Diets


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